1. Administer and manage administrative affairs, assets, inventory, office needs and unit convenience.
    • Responsible for the preparation and coordination of the following:
    • Annual Work Target Unit & KPI;
    • Budget preparation;
    • Monthly reports;
    • Annual report;
    • PIN report;
    • Governance Committee Report;
    • Training and Attachment Committee Report;
    • MyAkrab Report;
    • Managing any procurement, quotation or tender and all payments involving the unit;
    • Coordinate the unit in implementing and achieving 5’S certification, KIK and so on;
    • Responsible for the provision of unit documents covering MPK, FM, and others;
    • Secretariat to the USIM Promotion Committee;
    • Secretariat to the USIM Website Committee;
    • Secretariat to prepare USIM Annual Report;
    • Prepare and update USIM’s partner name list from time to time.
  1. Scope: Protocol and Event Management
    • Consultation on Management and Administration of Protocols
    • Managing VIPs
    • Management of the Official Events of the University
    • Events of Staff Assembly with Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor’s Mandate
    • Secretariat with Head Committee of USIM’s Convocation Ceremony
    • Managing Meetings or Courtesy Calls of Top Management with strategic parties
    • University relations and affiliations
    • Manage SMS blast service
  1. Scope: Translation
    • The University Document Translation Process into Malay, Arabic and English
  1. Scope: Corporate Publishing
    • Publishing Diary, Calendar, Notebook, and Greeting Card
    • USIM’s Annual Report Secretariat
    • Official souvenir management of the university
  1. Scope: Administration
    • Stracomm student secretariat (stracommclique)
    • Management of university taqwim
    • Coordinate the implementation of Iqra ‘@ usim program
  1. Design and publication of USIM Corporations
    • Corporate Video
    • Brochure / Phamplet / Promotion Material
    • Diary, USIM Calendar, Greeting Card
    • Graphic Services
  2. Digital Document Management System
  3. USIM Official Website Management
  4. USIM WebTV Management
  5. Videography service
  6. Multi Camera Production (MCP) Service
  7. Multimedia and technical services for university events
  8. Management of technical equipment of multimedia services
  1. Scope: Customer Service
    • Communication and Customer Service
    • Telephonist service.
    • Be a fast, accurate and effective one-stop center for updates on USIM development to campus and outside communities.
    • Prepare and manage inquiry counter services for reference purposes.
    • Explain, provide feedback and deliver accurate and up-to-date information in line with StraComm’s professionalism task.
  2. Scope: Media Relations and Connections
    • Management of media-related affairs
    • Manage crisis involving media
    • Manage any advertisement and promotion of the University
    • Create clippings for newspapers, magazines, TV shows and other sources for USIM citizens’ information
    • Create documentation and records for archival and reporting purposes for all clippings from newspaper, magazines, TV shows and other sources
    • Help PTJ in matters involving media and publicity
    • Write articles for media
    • Collect materials for publishing purposes:
    • USIM leaflet
    • Web Bulletin
    • BITARA (MOHE Bulletin)
    • Prospect Malaysia
    • Other related publications
  3. Scope: Public Announcement
    • Manage and coordinate publicity matters:
    • InfoPro
    • InfoUSIM
    • SMS service
    • DigitaL View Screen
  4. Managing and coordinating any distribution of brochures / magazines / newspapers to outsiders and also USIM citizens
  1. Scope: Website Management
    • Maintaining university’s website
    • Maintaining convocation’s website
    • Giving support and traning for all webmasters in USIM
    • Monitoring all website in USIM
  2. Scope: Social Media Management
    • Managing university’s social media
    • Promoting university’s events and campaigns through social media
    • Analysing the trends and sentiments in social media
    • Supporting and conducting live streaming for USIMTV
    • Monitoring all social media in USIM
  3. Scope: Digital Content Producer
    • Producing creative contents for university
    • Involving as creative team in video production
    • Giving video production training for other department